About Me




Heyyy fam ! I'm Serena “Remy” Smith aka Tha Creditlady founder and CEO of BAEE (Bad Ass Entrepreneur Enterprises) I’m a MOMprenuer of four beautiful girls. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan by way of Las Vegas, Nevada.. I’m a mommy motivator believing that ALL things are possible when you set a goal and work your plan. Being a single mom of many years who struggled with bad credit and back to back credit denials , I decided to learn how to repair my own credit . I was successful in turning a credit score of 397 to 813. I worked on a few friends reports and open my own credit repair business now called THA CREDITBULLY. I provide inspiration involving Health & Wellness, Manifestation and Finance.

I will help you build your self esteem and heal the total person from the inside out.